What is it?
There are a lot of good calculator applications in the App Store, but none like this one. As the name suggests this is a calculator that Miscalculates. However, you can train it to get more and more accurate.
Use it like a regular calculator but be watchful of the results. If you think the result is wrong, you can challenge it by touching the ⧣ symbol that pops up or by shaking it.
If the result was wrong when you challenge it, Miscalculator gets little more accurate the next time. If the result was right and you wrongly challenged it, then Miscalculator gets confused and less accurate next time.
When the accuracy goes to 100%, it always gives right answers.
What can you do with this?
You can use it as an educational tool to hone your calculation skills.
You can use it as a gag on friends by letting them use it to calculate the tips etc.
Questions, comments, suggestions?
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