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Washington DC health department provides free condoms to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. A non-profit organization prepares kit with condoms and lube. These condoms or kits are located at various sites around the city. Without an app like this people have to rely on word of mouth or luck to find free condoms, as their locations are not readily accessible.

Condom Kit Finder helps you locate FREE kits (with two condoms and water-based lube) targeting primarily gay men, as well as, resources for HIV testing and treatment in your area within participating cities. The application also lists venues that offer FREE condoms provided by your local Department of Health. It uses your mobile phone’s GPS to locate and provide directions to the nearest site distributing FREE safer-sex kits, condoms, or providing various sexual health resources and services! The application is continually updated with an ever-growing number of locations to ensure you’re always protected wherever you might be. Additionally, Condom Kit Finder connects you with websites providing up-to-date, evidence-based information on gay men’s health.

This initial version has only Washington, DC area kit locations. It will be expanded to other cities as they implement similar programs.

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